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World Studies for Georgia Students 7 (print edition)

Clairmont Press is excited to present World Studies for Georgia Students 7 aligned 100% with the Georgia Standards for Excellence. The resource will assist teachers who want their students to learn more and at higher levels of thinking.


The book is written in an interesting narrative style and is enhanced with carefully chosen photographs, illustrations, maps, graphs, and charts. Students have the opportunity to engage with informational text and then use the information to clarify and expand their thinking with a variety of ancillary materials. The readability is appropriate for seventh graders, and the array of teacher materials will assist educators with differentiating instruction for all learners.


Student text includes: engaging design, atlas, maps, graphs, charts, political cartoons; interesting Special Features; online components including online textbook, PowerPoint presentations, QuickNotes, Internet Activities, Puzzles, Guided Reading, and Audio Book!



Students, click the Login button below to access the student website. Teachers will receive a user name and password for students when they register for Teacher Tech access (see Teacher Tech section below).

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To purchase, download using the link below.



World Studies for Georgia Students 7 (eBook edition)

2017 Edition
Students, click the Login button below to access the eBook edition, if purchased. Teachers may get login information by registering in the Teacher Tech section below.

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World Studies for Georgia Students 7 (Teacher Tech)


To accompany the student edition of World Studies for Georgia Students 7, a Teacher Wraparound Edition of the textbook is available in a printed form. Materials are also available at the Teacher Tech online edition which can be found on our password protected website. Teacher Tech contains all the resources needed by teachers to create engaging, high-impact lessons!


A wide variety of activities are in the sidenotes of the Teacher Wraparound Edition:

• Learning Style Strategies

• Structured Group Work

• Class Discussion

• Using Photographs and Charts

• Technology Activities

• Answers to textbook questions


Sample of Materials on the Teacher Tech website:

• Teacher Wraparound (digital edition)

• Lesson Plans

• PowerPoint presentations and Quick Notes pages

• Graphic Organizers

• Rubrics

• Visual Aids

• Workbook Answers

• Smart Reading

• Guided Reading and Answers

• Document-Based Learning

• Smart Skills

• Wrap-Up Games




After registration, teachers may log in to the Teacher Tech site at the link below.

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