The Teacher Tech resource for Louisiana: Our History, Our Home was designed to connect teachers with all the features and materials of our instructional program which was developed specifically for teachers of state history in Louisiana.

Below you will find a listing of the main components of the program:

  • Student Textbook Hard Copy and/or eBook Version
  • Teacher Wraparound Edition
  • Teacher Tech Website
  • Student Website (www.mystatehistory.com)
  • Student Workbook
  • ExamView Test Generator

The navigation buttons on the left link to all of our online teacher resources.

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Resources for each chapter include:

  • Teacher Wraparound Edition
  • Lesson Plans
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Quick Notes
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Rubrics
  • Visual Aids
  • Workbook (online) & Workbook Answers
  • Smart Reading Resource
  • Smart Skills Resource
  • Guided Reading
  • Guided Reading Answers
  • Hyperlinks