The eBook edition of "The United States and Louisiana: The Early Republic through Reconstruction (Book 2)" can be accessed from a variety of types of Internet-connected devices. It contains multimedia hyperlinks that provide supplemental content and audio/visual resources, worksheets, and the audiobook.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Inquiry and the Social Studies
Chapter 2 - Understanding Government and Civics
Chapter 3 - Understanding Economics
Chapter 4 - Understanding Geography
Chapter 5 - The First Years: 1789-1790
Chapter 6 - Progress of the Early Republic
Chapter 7 - A Growing Young Nation 
Chapter 8 - The War of 1812 and the Era of Good Feelings
Chapter 9 - Life in the Antebellum Period 
Chapter 10 - The Age of Jackson
Chapter 11 - The Westward Expansion
Chapter 12 - Secession and Civil War
Chapter 13 - Reconstruction
Chapter 14 - Satisfying Your Basic Needs and Wants



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